Cub Scouting has a language all its own. If you are not familiar with it, below are definitions of many terms you will encounter as you get more and more involved in the program.


To earn the rank badge, Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts must complete Achievements found in their Handbook. The Achievements cover these areas: God, Country, Family and Self.


Activity Badge

There are 20 Activity Badges a Webelos Scout can earn. These are divided into 5 areas: Physical, Mental, Technology, Outdoor, and Community. A pin is presented for completion of each Activity Badge.



Advancements in rank are presented at each pack meeting and include Tiger Cub, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light badges.



Akela is the Cub Scout term for a leader - any leader - including den leaders, Cubmasters, teachers, parents, and any other adult the Cub Scout looks up to.


Arrow of Light

This is the highest award a boy can earn in Cub Scouting - also the ONLY (non-religious) award from Cub Scouts which can be worn on a Boy Scout Uniform.


Arrow Points

Arrow Points are awarded to Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts for completion of electives beyond the Achievements covered for earning the Wolf or Bear rank badge. A Gold Arrow Point is awarded for the first 10 electives; a Silver Arrow Point is awarded for each successive 10 electives completed.


Assistant Cubmaster

An assistant Cubmaster is an adult (18 years or older) who assists the Cubmaster with the pack program. You may have several assistant Cubmasters. One of them might be the next Cubmaster.


Assistant Den Leader

An assistant den leader is an adult (18 years or older) who assists the den leader with the den meetings.


Assistant Webelos leader

An assistant Webelos leader is an adult (18 years or older) who assists the Webelos den leader with the den meetings.


Bear Cub

These are generally third grade Cub Scouts, who work on activities in the areas God, Country, Family and Self. Of the 24 possible Achievements, they must complete a prescribed amount in each area, for a total of 12.



Every boy who joins Cub Scouts must first earn the Bobcat badge. Doing this, he learns the seven basic tenets of Cub Scouting: the Promise, the Law of the Pack, the sign, the handshake, the motto, the salute, and what Webelos means.


Boy Scout

A Boy Scout is between the ages of 11 and 18 and belongs to a Troop. Boy Scouting furthers the development of the boy through camping, outdoor activities, skills development, and advancement. The Boy Scout advances through these ranks: Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, then Eagle.


Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America is a nationally chartered organization that encompasses Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Explorer Units, and Varsity Units.


Boys Life

A magazine for boys. To subscribe, ask a den or pack leader for the special rate for registered scouts.



A ceremony where Webelos Cub Scouts cross a ceremonial bridge to signify their transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. This is normally done at a Cub Scout Pack Meeting with Boy Scouts from the Webelos' new troop participating. This is NOT a graduation ceremony from Cub Scouts, it is rather an induction ceremony into Boy Scouts.


Buddy System

When ever a scout needs to go somewhere at camp, hiking, meetings, etc. it is always done in groups of at least two. A scout always takes a "buddy" scout with him.


Bug Juice

A fun little term for a refreshment drink (kool-aid or lemonade).


Chartered Organization

A chartered organization is a community group - often a religious, civic, fraternal, educational, or other organization - that sponsors a Scouting unit, such as a Cub Scout pack, Boy Scout troop, or Venturing crew. The Boy Scouts of America issues a charter to each chartered organization, allowing them to use Scouting as part of their youth program.   Our charter organization is Hamline Chapel UMC.


Charter Renewal

Charter renewal is the annual process during which the charter issued by BSA to your chartered organization is renewed. The pack committee must help by verifying the list of boys and adults registered in the pack.


Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct helps your meetings run smoothly without disruption by getting the Cub or Webelos Scouts' agreement on what behavior is acceptable.



This is the group of adult volunteers who "run" the Pack. Any interested adult is welcome to attend Committee meetings.



Charter Organization Representative - A person assigned by the Charter Organization to be the liaison between the troop and the charter organization.



The Council is an organization of professional Scouters that oversees all Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops and other units in an area. Pack 604 is part of the Hoosier Trails Council. The scout executive for our council is Mr. Randy Brown.


Court of Honor

A Court of Honor is a special awards ceremony. Awards may be presented at any Pack meeting, but there is a special ceremony for presentation of awards at a Court of Honor.


Cracker Barrel

A scout term for a social gathering with refreshments after a meeting or activity. Often an evening activity at camp before taps.


Cub or Cub Scout

A Cub Scout is any member of Boy Scouts in first through fifth grade (or age 7 - 11).


Cub Scout Leader

All the adult volunteers in your pack.


Cub Scout sign

The Cub Scout sign is used when Cub Scouts say the Cub Scout Promise and Law. The sign is also used to get the attention of any Cub Scout group. To make the sign, hold up your right hand with the arm straight and first and middle fingers extended. The other fingers and thumb are folded over into the palm.



The Cubmaster is the chief adult volunteer leader and is responsible for monthly pack meetings, the program of the pack, and the operation of the dens.



The Den is a group of Cub Scouts who meet at regular intervals. Ideally, a den consists of 6 to 8 boys who are all working toward the same rank.


Den chief

A den chief is a Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, or Venturer who serves as an activities assistant, helping the den leader with the den and providing fun and interesting things for the boys to do.


Den chief handbook

The Den Chief Handbook contains the Floating Ball Trick and other tricks and stunts.


Den Leader

A Cub Scout den leader is an adult volunteer who leads a Cub Scout den, with the help of assistant den leaders and parents.


Den Meeting

Individual Den Meetings are held for each rank level of Cub Scouts. These usually occur at a regular intervals, such as weekly or bi-weekly. Wolf and Bear dens work on fun projects, crafts, skits, or some of their Achievements. Webelos dens use this time to work on the various Activity Badges.



·         The Cub Scout denner is a den member elected by the den for a short period, usually one or two months. His responsibilities are determined by the den leader and den chief. This might include helping to set up the den meeting place and cleanup; helping with games, ceremonies, tricks, and puzzles; leading a song; or acting as den cheerleader. He should be given meaningful responsibilities and recognition to help him learn how to be a leader, so all boys will look forward to their turn as denner. (The short term of office is to give all boys the opportunity to serve. The shoulder cord is worn on the left shoulder.)

·         The Webelos Scout denner is a Webelos Scout who has been elected by secret ballot by the Webelos den for a short term of office, usually three to six months. His responsibilities are determined by the Webelos den leader and Webelos den chief, and might include such things as leading ceremonies, preparing equipment, setting up the meeting room, greeting new boys and helping them get acquainted, assisting with tricks and puzzles, or other worthwhile tasks.


Each Council is divided into a number of Districts. Pack 604 is part of the Hoosier Hills District. Mr. Mori Albarez is our District Executive, and oversees the activities of all Units in the District.


Dutch Oven

A large cast iron covered pot used to bake and cook in.


Field Trip

Field trips are den or pack trips away from the usual meeting place. They can be as simple as a den trip to tour a local fast food restaurant or as big as a bus trip to a museum or sports event. If you are going outside your own town, you must file a tour permit with your local Boy Scouts of America council.


Friends of Scouting

Friends of Scouting (FOS) is a fund-raiser for your local council. You may be asked to host an FOS presentation at a pack meeting.


Good Turn

"Do a Good Turn Daily" is the scout slogan. A good turn is something you do without being asked or expected to do it and for which you expect no reward.



Each level of Scouting has its own Handbook. The Handbook is ESSENTIAL for your Scout, as it spells out the requirements for advancement, as well as providing a place to record completion of the same.


Leave No Trace (LNT)

A set of guidelines that set standards for outdoor activities that are environmentally sound and considerate to others using the same area.


Living Circle

In a Living Circle, Cub Scouts and leaders stand in a circle, left hands extended to the center, palm down. Each person grasps the thumb of the person to their left, forming a complete circle of hands. The right hand is raised in the Cub Scout sign. Pumping the left hands up and down, everyone says "Ah-KAY-la, we'll do our best."


Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are an important part of Cub Scouting. They can include hikes, picnics, games, and similar day events. Cub Scouts can also participate in pack camping, in which each Cub Scout has family members present. Cub Scout day camp and resident camp, as well as family camping opportunities, are also an important part of the program.



A Pack is a group of Cub Scouts made up of one or more dens. The Pack usually meets once every month.


Pack activities

Pack activities are additional activities and trips run by the pack.


Pack committee

The pack committee is responsible for the operation of the pack, including planning, finances, records, activities, advancement, and more.


Pack leaders' meeting

A pack leaders' meeting is held monthly to finalize details for the pack program and pack meeting for the current month, and to plan upcoming months.


Pack meeting

The pack meeting is a monthly gathering of all the Tiger Cub, Cub Scout, and Webelos Scout dens in the pack, along with their families, for recognition, fun, and program.


Pack Meeting Planning Chart

The Pack Meeting Planning Chart is a guide to planning your pack meeting. It lists all the required and optional parts of the meeting. You can choose the parts you want, determine their order, and indicate who will be responsible for preparing each.


Pinnewood Derby

Pinewood derby is an activity for all Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts. Boys build wooden race cars with adult assistance and race them down pinewood tracks for prizes and trophies. Other similar activities are the raingutter regatta (boats) and space derby (spaceships).


Popcorn Sales

Trail’s End brand popcorn is sold by Scouts to raise money for their unit activities.  This is our main fundraiser for the scouting year. 


Pow Wow

A Pow Wow is an annual Cub Scout Leader learning extravaganza sponsored by the council. Check with council for a schedule.



The annual pack program is planned to lay out the themes and activities that will be used for the upcoming year. A monthly theme is chosen, and most den and pack activities for the month relate to that theme. The annual Cub Scout Program Helps contains suggested themes.


Rank Badges

The Rank Badges, in order, are: Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos.



Recognitions include Wolf and Bear arrow points, Webelos activity badges, and non-advancement recognitions, such as Cub Scout Academics and Sports belt loops, service stars, etc.


Religious Awards

Religious Awards are earned through a Scout's religious institution. Medals and knot patches are awarded. The medal may be worn on ceremonial occasions and is pinned to the seam of the top flap of the the left pocket in similar fashion to an Eagle Scout medal. The knot is worn touching the seam of the top flap of the left pocket.
  • God and Me - Cub Scouts
  • God and Family - Webelos Scouts
  • God and Church - Boy Scouts
  • God and Life - Older Boy Scouts



Each District holds a monthly Roundtable meeting for all of its Boy Scout and Cub Scout leaders. The purpose of Roundtable is to help units succeed by providing useful program ideas, information on policy, leadership training, and current information on upcoming Council events and training opportunities. Roundtables are the best way to find out what's going on!



Each Unit must have a sponsoring organization, such as a church, service club, etc. Also refered to as a Chartering Organization.  Pack 604 is sponsored by the Hamline Chapel UMC.


Scout Sign

The Scout sign is used when Webelos Scouts say the Scout Oath or Promise and Scout Law. To make the sign, raise the right hand palm forward, upper arm straight, and out to the side. The arm is bent at the elbow, forming a right angle. The three middle fingers are held erect and the thumb covers the nail of the little finger.


Service projects

Service projects are part of Cub Scouting's citizenship training. They can include service in the neighborhood, to the community, or to the chartered organization.


Spiritual Growth

The Boy Scouts of America encourages the spiritual growth of its members but is absolutely nonsectarian and leaves decisions about religion to each Cub Scout's family.



A monthly theme is chosen by the pack committee, and most den and pack activities for the month relate to that theme. The annual Cub Scout Program Helps contains themes suggested by the Boy Scouts of America.


Tiger Cub

The Tiger Cub program is for first grade (or age 7) boys and their adult partners. There are five Tiger Cub achievement areas. The Tiger Cub, working with his adult partner, completes 15 requirements within these areas to earn the Tiger Cub Badge. These requirements consist of an exciting series of indoor and outdoor activities just right for a boy in the first grade. Tiger Cubs and their families are encouraged to participate in Pack events.


Tiger Cub Handbook

Every Tiger Cub gets a copy of the Tiger Cub Handbook, containing advancement requirements and ideas used to plan the den program.


Tiger Cub motto

The Tiger Cub motto is "Search, Discover, Share."


Tiger Cub badge

The Tiger Cub badge is awarded to a Tiger Cub when he completes 15 achievements in the Tiger Cub handbook.


Tiger Partner

The adult partner of a Tiger Cub, usually a family member, is the Tiger Partner.


Tour Permit

A BSA Tour Permit is required when a den or pack conducts an activity outside of its normal meeting place. Contact your council for tour permit forms and instructions for approval.



A Troop is a group of Boy Scouts made up of one or more patrols.



The Uniform is the prescribed clothing for any and all official Cub Scout events. In Pack 604, the minimum Uniform consists of a uniform shirt, (with all patches), appropriate neckerchief, and blue pants or shorts. Hats and belts are great. The red felt vests give the cubs a good place to show off their patch collection. Webelos Scouts use the "colors" for activity pins. For "casual" events, a Cub or Webelos Scout T-shirt and shorts is acceptable.



Each individually chartered Pack, Troop, Post or Lodge is a Unit.



Webelos means WE'll BELOyal Scouts. Or for you old timers, WeBeLoS stood for Wolf, Bear, Lion, Scout to indicate the progression towards being a Boy Scout.


Webelos badge

The Webelos badge is awarded to a Webelos Scout who completes the requirements, which include activity badges and learning about Boy Scouting.


Webelos den leader

A Webelos den leader is an adult volunteer who leads a Webelos Scout den, with the help of assistant Webelos den leaders and parents.


Webelos Leader Guide

The Webelos Leader Guide has a suggested sequence of activity badges designed to help the boys earn the Webelos badge and Arrow of Light. It also has suggested activities for each badge.


Webelos Den Meeting Program form

The Webelos Den Meeting Program form lists all the parts of a den meeting and is used to plan your weekly meetings. You can find a copy in your Cub Scout Leader Book. Additional blank copies may be purchased at your council service center.


Webelos Scout

These are fourth and fifth grade Cub Scouts, who work on up to 20 Activity Badges in the den setting. These activities are designed to prepare the boys for the merit badge methodology utilized in Boy Scouts.


Webelos Scout den

A Webelos Scout den consists of six to eight Webelos Scouts with a Webelos den leader and assistants, as well as a Webelos den chief. It meets every week at a time and place chosen by the Webelos den leader and parents.


Wolf Cub

These are generally second grade Cub Scouts, who work on 12 Achievements, mostly in the home setting. Arrow Points are awarded for work done on a multitude of electives.



Advanced Training for an adult leaders. . Any adult who has taken Basic Leader Training can attend this advanced training course to expand their knowledge of the scouting program and be of more help to the pack/troop.


Youth Protection

Training courses about child abuse. Training is offered for different age groups of scouts and for adults. At least one adult on every Scouting outing must be Youth Protection Trained. This training is available online.



Nothing in this glossary should be considered policy or method of operation. It is intended only as a short description of some of the more common terms used in scouting. Official BSA or troop policy should be consulted if there are any questions.